TagHeuer Could Still Make a Smartwatch

The dates seem non-committal but it does not mean something isn’t in the pipeline. Whilst much fuss is made over the Android, Samsung and Pebble smartwatches, cast your mind back 20 years to the Swiss multifunction ana-digi watches: they have … read more

Tonino Lamborghini 2014

Tonino Lamborghini

“The Tonino Lamborghini watches are among the products that have most characterised the brand from the very beginning. Tonino Lamborghini passion for watches represents the ideal thread between its technical background and the world of design. This passion … read more

Martian smart watches now available in UK

US smartwatch manufacturer Martian is now available to UK retailers for the first time.

Martian watches started on Kickstarter in 2012 and offers a range of 12 analogue watches which receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, text message, email and other … read more